New Radio :

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I tune in?

Several possibilities can not listen to radio :
  • Radio station is full and can not accept more users for a while.
  • Server radio mengalami kerusakan atau sedang dalam perbaikan.
  • The radio station was off air (this is usually only a few hours only).
  • What often happens is a problem on your internet connection is bad.

Why can not I listen to all existing radio?
  • The possibility of a firewall on your computer that does not allow streaming radio.
  • Browser you use is not installed flash player or plugin for streaming.

Why do not I find my favorite radio station?
  • The radio station that you want does not provide live streaming.
  • Radio station you want is not on the list of our radio.

Can I add a radio?

Sure you can. Click here for step. And complete data that you send a radio station, for example: the State, official wepsite.